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Computer’s impact in our daily life

Computer’s impact in our daily life The computer is a modern technology which is the blessing of science. It has brought the whole world in our hands. Nowadays, a lot of things are done with the help of a computer. The computer was not invented overnight or even a single day.

Computer’s impact in our daily life. To invent the computer it took a long time. At first, Pascal invented the theory of the ‘Digital Calculator System’ in 1642. Then, Charles Babbage a professor of mathematics thought about it in 1830. But Professor Howard H. Aiken invented the computer.
There are two kinds of computers. There are four units in a computer. Those are the Central Processing Unit(CPU), Key Board, Mouse, and computer. All are related to one another.Computer’s impact in our daily life The computer is a great thing for our recreation. We can see movies, cartoons, and other web series on the computer by connecting the internet. We also download those videos to watch them in their free time.
The computer is a great technology for us. We use it in our daily work.

The computer is mostly used in educational institutions, government or non-government offices, etc. it is used in all spheres of human-like education, medical science, agriculture, commerce, printing, news media, industrial sector, etc. internet is the latest development over the computer. It is a storehouse of information.

The computer is essential for developing countries. Teaching science and technology greatly depend on computers. Now Bangladesh tries to develop science and technology. She starts using computers in government or non-government offices, banks, industries, business firms, schools, colleges, universities. It is a great invention and we use it in our life for an easy and comfortable life. It has no bounds of good things. We use it very very safe in our life.

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