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Facebook a social network

Facebook a social network Now we are living in the age of science. If we look around us, we notice that everything creates for the blessing of science. Nowadays, every people have a smartphone in their pocket. They use to capture some good photos, for gaming, for some official work also used for their recreation.

Now, Facebook a social network is a great thing for our recreation. 1 billion+ people around the world people use it for their recreation or time pass. Mark Zuckerberg with his 3 friends made this for a social connection. For the blessing of this network, we can find some friends from childhood. We also get news from Facebook.

It has many advantages too. We can see the whole world’s news on it. And it is also a big part of recreation in our life. We can see live videos on it. We can talk with the other country people on this Facebook. And also chat with them.Facebook: a social network It has many disadvantages too. Such as, by using this Facebook the teenager is addicted to it very badly. They spend all the time on it. They don’t read books, don’t go out to play for the addiction of Facebook.

They use it for a long time. For this, they are affected by some physical problems or diseases. We can see that Facebook has both advantages and disadvantages. So, we can be very careful to use it. We don’t give a long time on Facebook.

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