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Google a search engine

We all know about the google. We all know this google like a search engine because most of people use it for searching for anything. It is a global website and it is used for searching.  The website’s name is This search engine was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.

D students in 1998. The main office of google located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in  Mountainview, California, United States. It has also 153 other office locations around the world.

Google: a search engine. People around the world use this website in every moment. Because there have many things that we don’t know.

The people of the world have a great attraction to want to know the unknown things about the world, about space, or many other things. Now every people have a smartphone and there also has an internet connection on the mobile. For this internet, we can search anything on the internet and also using this website.Google: a search engine Google also makes the android for the smartphone. Without this android, a smartphone never starts. Google also has many applications for the smartphone. Such as google map, google assistant, and so on.

Those are very helpful in our everyday life. If we go to a place and don’t know about the area, we can turn on our phone’s location and search the place on google map. We see the full area on the screen about the place.

Again, we search for any type of question or about something, it gives the all information to us. It is a very useful search engine for everyone.

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