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Memoir of Bangladesh

Memoir of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a small country in the world. Nowadays, she is a familiar face in the world, in many countries. She is developing so fast. The history of Bangladesh is very painful. She created after a long time of destruction.

At first, the name of this country is not Bangladesh. She is known as West Pakistan. This country was a part of Pakistan. Ther discrimination makes the people angry and they decide to fight against east Pakistan for their rights. After a long time battle, east Pakistan loses against west Pakistan. And then Bangladesh created on earth. We got the victory on 16 December 1971.

Memoir of Bangladesh. It is a beautiful country. It has many natural tourist spots and people are going to enjoy the scenery. The tourist spots are Kuakata sea beach, Cox’s Bazar sea beach, Rangamati, Bandarban, Khagrachari, The tea garden of Sylhet, Zaflog, the Mahasthangarh in  Bogra, the Moynamoti in Kumilla, Lalbagh Fort in Old Dhaka, Ahsan Manzil( Pink Palace) in Dhaka, Armenian Church, Star Mosque, Dhakeswari Temple, Swamp forest in Sylhet.

The popular forest in the world is Sundarban located in Bangladesh. There have also many places located in Bangladesh which are able to visit by the people for their pleasure, for their recreation. They will enjoy those places by visiting those places.Memoir of Bangladesh Memoir of Bangladesh. Sundarban is a place which is fulfilled by different types of trees, birds, animals, fish, etc. there are many types of snakes in this forest. there are many types of people who are living and lead their life in this forest. the name of this forest Sundarbans comes from the name of the tree sundry.

The people of this forest collect wood, cut trees, also collect honey and sold them in the market, and lead their lives. There have many animals which risky for life but they don’t afraid of it. They make their safety and live with their family.

The most interesting thing is in Sundarbans we have to see Royal Bengal Tiger. Royal Bengal Tiger is the national animal of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a riverine country. There are many species in Bangladesh. Those are Rui, Katla, Mrigal, Hilsa, Puti, Catfish, Sheat Fish, Anabus, Shrimp, etc. Hilsa is the national fish of Bangladesh. There are 5 big rivers in Bangladesh.

Those are Padma, Meghna, Jamuna, Brahmaputra, Karnafuli. There have also two hundred plus branch rivers of those five rivers.  The fishers catch fishes from those rivers and sell them into the market.

By selling those fishes they lead their lives. The national flower of Bangladesh is the Water Lily. This flower is seen in the villages in the pond or lakes or in the river. There have some people who collect those water Lily and sell them into the market and earn money.

There have also different types of fruits in Bangladesh. The national fruit of Bangladesh is Jackfruit. But most of the people in Bangladesh are like Mangoes. And the mango is the king of all fruits. Rajshahi division is famous for the mangoes. There have also many fruits in Bangladesh and those are Banana, Orange, Apple, Guava, strawberry, etc.

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Most of the people of Bangladesh are live in the village. Around 80 percent of people are live in the village and 20 percent live in the town. But nowadays, people are going to the town for earning money. For earning money they went to the town but they cannot back to the village.

There have some big problems in Bangladesh. The biggest problem is the population problem. The awareness of the people creates it. The area of our country is constant but the population of Bangladesh is increasing day by day. For this problem, there create slums in the town. Another problem in our country is environmental pollution.

Peoples doing anything or eats anything the throw them into the road or here and there. Bangladesh such a beautiful country and the sceneries are great. We should try to solve the population problem and pollution problem. For this, one day our country like a dream.

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