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Modern science

Modern science is looking magician who is can change a thing in a bit. One by one, it has been given many things to us. And it is giving mankind many surprises. It is absolutely right that has overcome the forces of nature. The wonder of is too many to list in short. So, we should think about the main point of modern science.

We know that we can’t make a shortlist of the wonders of modern science. But, if we want to know this we should have a common science for the main wonders.

Electricity is the first wonder of. And the other wonders are situated on it. It is the driving force of modern civilization. When Volta was invented the electric cell in 1800 then there started much research on one electricity. And then the human-made many electric technologies.

Electric power is used for various purposes. Without electricity, the achievement of modern civilization would not have been possible.

The computer is another wonder of modern science. It is considered a substitute for the human brain. Charles Babbage called the creator of modern. Charles Babbage has been given a speech about his engine at Turin University in 1842. And that engine name is the Deference engine.

We cannot found any sector where computers are not used. We used it for our daily work, office and school work, communication, and recreation. If the computer and the internet are attached together, it can do all of the work in the world.

Modern science also showed his wonder in hospitals. The all of important technology in medicine is the contribution to modern science.Modern science Space travel is the most wonderful success. To land on the moon was imagination to us. But modern science proves that it can also happen. Nil Armstrong was the man who landed on the moon first. He was an astronaut of NASA.

Finally, we can be told that there is no sector where is not showing his wonder. And it is also increasing his wonder day by day. It will not stop any time but it will be increasing.

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