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Rajshahi The green city of Bangladesh

Rajshahi The green city of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a well-known country in the world. And the Rajshahi is an important part of our country. The area of the Rajshahi division is 18,174 square kilometers. It is one of the eight first-level administrative divisions of Bangladesh.

There are 8 districts in Bangladesh, around 70 Upazilas, and around 1092 unions in the Rajshahi division. Those 8 districts are Chapai-Nawabganj, Naogaon, Rajshahi, Natore, Pabna, Sirajganj, Bogra, and  Jaipurhat.

The largest city of Rajshahi division in Rajshahi city. Rajshahi division is located at the north-west position of Bangladesh. Rajshahi city is located beside the Padma river. Rajshahi The green city of Bangladesh.

The nickname of the city is silk city. Because in the Rajshahi city there has much official cultivation centre for silk produced by the government. In those centre, the government cultivate white mulberry leaves.

The silkworms are an economically important insect. Those silkworms and Caterpillar are eating those white mulberry leaves. After eating those leaves they made concoons. From those concoons the people are getting silk yarn. By those silk yarn, the garments are made silk clothes. Those clothes are very expensive.

Rajshahi: The green city of Bangladesh

 Rajshahi division is also famous for many things. The king of fruits is Mango and Rajshahi division is famous for mangoes. In every city or Zilla are cultivated mangoes but especially in Chahpai Nawabganj is famous for Mango cultivating.

Those mangos are very sweet and tasty to eat. And those Mangoes are fully free from formalin.  Formalin is very dangerous for our health. It damages our body parts like kidney, heart vert badly.

For this, the managing committee of cultivating mangoes don’t use formalin in mangoes. And the mangoes are fully safe for eating, for our health. Chapai Nawabganj is also famous for some historical spots.

Those spots are Choto Sona mosque, Kanchat Rajbari, etc. there also have some delicious food and for that food Chapai Nawabganj was famous. Great writer Ila Mitra is from this place. Nawabganj is located beside the Padma river.

In Rajshahi, almost all types of religious people are living here. Those religions are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist etc. they live like brothers. There has no complained about trouble or quarrel between themselves.

They play together, they eat together, they work together but there has no trouble. There are like their own brother. Theirs behave told that humanity is the most important of all things.

Rajshahi division is more clean and neat than all other division. And the Rajshahi city is called the green city. In Rajshahi, if we see everywhere we noticed that the green trees are everywhere in the city. In fact, in the middle of the road, the city corporation plant trees and is increasing the beauty of the road.

The main attraction of Rajshahi city is the Padma river. It is flowing beside the Rajshahi city. Everyday many peoples go there to enjoy the scenery of the river. And the river is the main place of producing the Hilsa fishes. Hilsa fish is our national fish and the Padma river is the main source of it. The fisheries are catch fishes from the river.

Those are also exported out of our country. And the government earns a lot of money from this. There also have some spots for spending good times.

Rajshahi The green city of Bangladesh. Rajshahi is called the city of education. Because every year the average rate or percentage of pass in the examination in Rajshahi is more than any other division.

The number of students is less than other division but the education rate of Rajshahi is better or more than any other divisions.

Again, if we see our commercial or economical part in Bangladesh we noticed that in every department some of the employees are from the Rajshahi division. Many famous writer and novelist are from the Rajshahi division. Selina Hossain is one of them.

Rajshahi College is the third oldest college in Bangladesh after Dhaka college and Chittagong College. This is a government college and it is established in 1873. The location of this college is Rajshahi, Rajshahi, 6100, Bangladesh.

The college is affiliated with the National University. Rajshahi College is adjacent to Rajshahi Collegiate School and located beside the famous Barendra Museum. The website of this college is

The students who read in Rajshahi college have come from different places, different division. There also has some important and famous medical college and university in the Rajshahi division.

Those are Rajshahi Medical College(RMC), Rajshahi University of Engineering Technology(RUET), Rajshahi University(RU), Pabna University of Science Technology(PUST) etc. There also have some mental/manosik hospitals in Pabna, Rajshahi.

The population of Rajshahi division is around eighteen million four hundred and eighty-four thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight at the 2011 Census. Most of the people are living in the village and others are lives in the town.

Every division’s people like the Rajshahi divisions people. Because the lifestyle of Rajshahi divisions people is so unique and they are very friendly with other people. They also show hospitable behaves with other people.

the people of the Rajshahi division are very hardworking and talented. They always complete their work by using their brain, using their intelligence. Both the village and the town people are very friendly and hospitable with others.

There have many historical places in the Rajshahi division. Those are The Puthia Temple Complex, The Kantajew Temple, Ruins of the Buddhist vihara at Paharpur, Mahasthangarh, Tajhat Palace, Varendra Research Museum,  Vinnojogot Amusement Park, Ramsagor National Park, Uttara Gonobhaban, Chhoto Sona Mosque, Behula Lakshindar Basor Ghor, Bagha Mosque, Kusumba Mosque, Bara Ahnik Mandir, Pancharatna Gobinda Temple, Natore Royal Palace, Chalan Beel, etc.

those are established many many many years ago. Some of those historical places established a hundred or thousand years ago. For visiting those places the visitors come far away from those places. Some visitors are come from outside our country to see those historical places.

Those places are the wealth of our country. By visiting those places, foreigners get pleasure and our government earn money from this.

Rajshahi division is the greenest and cleanest city in Bangladesh. Rajshahi is also famous for its clean city in South Asia. Rajshahi city is overloaded with its green trees, the fresh air. It is a famous city in our country and outside the world. We can say that Rajshahi city is a blessing city from God.

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