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Bangabondhu Sheiklh Mujibur Rahman

Sheikh  Mujibur Rahman is a great politician leader and statesman of Bangladesh. He is born on 17 March 1920 in Tungipara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is called the “Father of the Nation”. He served the first President of Bangladesh.

And later as the Prime Minister of Bangladesh from 17 April 1971 to  15 August 1975. He is the main person who played the main role in the history of the independence of Bangladesh.

He is a nobleman. He always helps the poor and supports them. He was also a high level of an educated person. He always respects the peoples and the peoples also show respect for him.

He is also a great leader. In 1947, there were two countries creates. One is India and the other one is Pakistan. Pakistan also divided into two parts. One is West Pakistan and another one is East Pakistan.

The bangles live in east Pakistan. West Pakistan always show powers on the bangles. They always deprived the bangles of their rights. They told us that they give us our rights but they exploited us.

One they declared to change our mother language. For this, the sons of Bengali mothers fought against the Pakistani army. For this, the Pakistani army killed many peoples for this. This happening happened on 21 February 1971.

From this happening, the peoples got angry. One day this angriness turn into the wish of independence. And Sheikh Mujibur Rahman inspires them for it.  He has created many institutions for helping peoples.

Sheikh  Mujibur Rahman is a great politician leader. He was prisoned by the Pakistani army for this . he was prisoned many times for helping the peoples of Bangladesh. But he never gives up. He continues his helping for the poor. He declared independence for the whole of Bangladesh people.

he also gives a historical speech for the Bengali people on 7 March 1971. He thinks about the Bengali peoples and declared those points. But the Pakistani government didn’t agree with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Before 1971, the Pakistani government deprived west Pakistani or Bangali in many situations or things.  Such as, in education, economic part, etc. they always ignore west Pakistani people from those things. He also declared 6 point demand for the west Pakistani people in 1966.

The east Pakistani people torcher on us. That injustice could not tolerance by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He wanted justice for the west Pakistani people. In 1970 he also joined in the election and in the final result, sheikh Mujibur Rahman won by a huge vote. But the

west Pakistani army did not give the power to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. For the historical speech of the 7th march, the West Pakistani army prisoned him. But they were failed to stop Mujibur Rahman.

He gave the speech to Sood Nojrul Islam. He gave the speech by radio centre and exposed it in full west Pakistan. By hearing this speech they inspired to fight with the Pakistani army.

From 26th March to 15th December they fight with the east Pakistani army and the next day they got the victory. From this 16th December is our victory they. We became independent and the name of our country is Bangladesh.

Then he chose the president of Bangladesh.  He fillup and restore destroyed Bangladesh by his and the people of Bangladesh hard working. For helping the people or sacrifice of him the people of Bangladesh called him Bangabandhu.  He was a great leader in Bangladesh.

He tries to help people and make a beautiful country. But some people secretly attack Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and killed him with his family. This happening happened on 15 August 1975.

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