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The aim for digitization of Bangladesh in 2021

The aim for digitization of Bangladesh in 2021 Is the dream of the next generation. The word ‘Digital’ came from the word ‘digit’ which means number. Our motherland Bangladesh also wants to become a digital country and the target is under 2021. And then Bangladesh will become a fully digital and resourceful country. Bangladesh is running fast with the target of achieving of Digital Bangladesh.

Our present democratic government has declared the ‘Vision 2021’ in the election manifesto which targets establishing a resourceful and modern country by 2021 through the effective use of information and communication technology –a ‘Digital Bangladesh’.

When Bangladesh will become a digital country then our communication will develop. Bangladesh has its own satellite and the name of the satellite is Bangabandhu satellite. The Bangabandhu satellite sends to space on 12 May 2018 at 2:00 am from Bangladesh.The aim for digitization of Bangladesh in 2021 The aim for digitization of Bangladesh in 2021 Then we can complete our office, school, and other works by sitting at home. And it will happen by the E- Sheba which is a service of digitization. We can make our all work complete by using the service.  Because the government of Bangladesh has made the service for all citizens of Bangladesh.

After 2021 Bangladesh will become a developed country even Bangladesh will become a global village. This also creates an impact on our business, official work, school work, health, job, recreation, placement, poverty reduction, etc. Digital Bangladesh fully stands on the E- Sheba service. There are many services like E- Sheba service.

Such as E- Healthcare, Telehealth, E-Governance, E-Ticketing, E-Book, E-Mail, and others. We can complete our daily works by using all of the services. The services are always ready for our help and care. All service offices are being computerized. We can pay our bills and payments also.

Everyone wants to be a happy and comfortable person. And only digitization can make us comfortable. And if anyone feels comfortable he will happy.

Finally, is the dream and aim of the next generation of Bangladesh. And Bangladesh is successful to make the dream true. So, we can tell that Bangladesh is successful to fulfill her dream of ‘Digital Bangladesh 2021.

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