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The main problems in Bangladesh

The main problems in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a small country in the world. It is an agricultural country. It is full of green trees here and there. If we see around us, we notice the green trees, grasses, and the fields with the green hub. It has many attractive sights. Such as Paharpur, Mahasthangar, Cox’s Bazar, etc. It has many things to like but there are many big problems in our country.

The main problems in Bangladesh. is the population problem. The area of Bangladesh is 148460 square kilometers and the population is around 170 million. It is very hard to say that it is a big amount of population than the area of Bangladesh.  And the other noticeable thing is the population growth rate is increasing day by day.

It is a big problem and we can’t stop it for the low awareness of the people. There are many reasons for the happens. Early marriage is one of them. Adults people cannot understand this and adopt children.The main and big problem in Bangladesh The main problems in Bangladesh, For the big population of the country, the landmarks decrease day by day. Pollution is another big problem for this country. The people’s polluted the country. For this, the main thing which we need like water is being polluted badly.

The men and women through unusual things like the papers, bottles are through in water. It is a curse for us. Because, if we don’t go the right way, one day the air and water turn into poison. And it will be the reason for our death.

Those are the main two problems in Bangladesh. For the population problem and the pollution problem, we should be aware and create awareness of the people. By this, we can solve the problems in our country.

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