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Uses and abuses of Television in our life

Uses and abuses of Television in our life. Television is one of the greatest discoveries of modern science. The word ‘television’ comes from the Latin word ’tele’ and ‘vision’. Tele means distance and vision means to see. So, the word television means seeing from distance. The man Paul Gottlieb Nipkow invented the television in 1925.

Now television is one of the most modern technologies of communicating ideas and thoughts. We can hear the famous personalities speeches of the world on television. It’s like a stage where people are performing and we see them on television.

It gives us news on national and international matters. We enjoy it and many people use it to pass their leisure time. People also use it for their recreation. After days of hard work, people sit before a television set and hear music and songs as well as movies.Uses and abuses of Television in our life Uses and abuses of Television in our life We also enjoy drama, serial, dance, and many other things. Television has a great educative value. It teaches people and the students many things. We can hear and enjoy debates, lectures on various important topics, discussions on science, and speeches through televisions.

It has broken the distance of way to see. Once upon a time, people went to see football or cricket matches. But now people need not go to the stadium to enjoy football or cricket matches. They sit before the television set and enjoy football, cricket, and other games on TV.

Television has some demerits also. Sometimes the students prefer to enjoy television to study. The young generation spends their time on television but it is the time of playing games in the field. Some channels seen the objective things on television and that is very harmful to our society.
From this, we noticed that it has both advantages and disadvantages too. So, we need to be careful to use this device.

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