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YouTube A Social Application

YouTube A Social Application. YouTube is an American online video sharing platform which is situated in San Bruno, California. It is a social media hosting service site. This site is founded in 14th February 2005 ( 15 years ago ) and the founder of this site is Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawad Karim.

Susan Wojcicki is the CEO of this site or application platform. The URL of this site is YouTube.Com.This is a video-sharing application and millions of people are connected to this application. They used it for their income.

For this, they uploaded videos on this site which give us or tell us entertainment, educational things, and many other things. For doing this, they also need a Chanel to upload their videos on this site. The people who do this, we called them YouTubers.

YouTube: A Social Application

YouTube A Social Application. There also have an option for the viewers and that is the subscriber button. For subscription, viewers need to subscribe to those channels. By doing people get those videos. At first, they need to log in with a google account, and then they can subscribe to those channels.

Without logging in, they can not follow or subscribe to the channels.
Nowadays, Youtube is a very popular application in society. People used it in their everyday life. They use it in their study, in cooking foods, etc. They also download those videos and when they get free time, they watch this.

Recently, when covid-19 has attacked the whole world, the whole world’s all works are stopped for this virus. For this, every country is set to lock down their cities. At this time, the government declared to start class online.

And the teachers are started to take a class on YouTube. It is an online platform and doesn’t work without an internet connection. There are all types of videos in this application. YouTube is a very useful application.

Most of the people use it in their necessity. It doesn’t have any disadvantages. It is a spot of recreation and entertainment.

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