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Zainul Abedin

Zainul Abedin was a very famous artist in Bangladesh. He is widely known to all for his sketches of on the great famine of 1940 and other paintings on our village people, their lives, and their way of living. He tried to express his feeling for those who suffered much during the famine.

He drew several sketches on this theme. He studied in Kolkata Government Art School. He became first in the first class in his graduation. He designed the pages constitution of Bangladesh. He founded the folk art museum at Sonargaon, and also Zainul Abedin Shangrahashala, a gallery of his own works in Mymensingh in 1975. Zainul Abedin The river Brahmaputra plays a predominant role in his painting and a source of inspiration all through his cancer. Much of his childhood was spent near the scenic beauty of the river Brahmaputra. A series of watercolors that Zainul did as his tribute to the river earned him the governor’s Gold Medel in an all India exhibition in 1938.

This was the first time when he came into the spotlight and this award gave him the confidence to create his own visual style. Zainul was born in Kishoreganj on 29 December 1914 and died on 28 May 1976.

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